NXNE: Day 3

On Friday it was a free for all at NXNE.
I hit up as many venues as I could that day/night.

First I went to Yonge-Dundas Square for the free show.
I attended Green Go and Black Hat Brigade which was nice to watch and the weather was perfect for it.
Green Go @ Yonge/Dundas SquareBlack Hat Brigade @ Yonge-Dundas Square
After that I went to the Whippersnapper Gallery to see Spiral Beach and Matt & Kim.
That was a wicked show. Such a small venue and alot of people crowded that place.
Spiral Beach @ Whippersnapper GalleryMatt & Kim @ Whippersnapper Gallery
Funny that alot of people just left after Matt & Kim finished.

I went to Sneaky Dee’s since it was close in the area.
Playing there was The Coathangers. A interesting girl garage rock band from the USA.

Then headed off to the Silver Dollar and saw abit of Hexes & Ohs.
Surprised with the turn out there.
Hexes & Ohs @ Silver Dollar Room
They sounded alot better this time.

Went to Rancho Relaxo and caught the last song by this band called Cut Throat Britva.
Very rocky alternative band.
Cut Throat Britva @ Rancho Relaxo

Then I head up to the Neutral Lounge.
I didn’t know Kinetic Stereokids were in Toronto for NXNE.
Amazing set as always.
Kinetic Stereokids @ Neutral Lounge

Took the cab and went to the Velvet Underground to catch The Ghost Is Dancing.
Great turnout then I saw them a week ago in Ottawa.
Funny that all the guys in band decided to take off their shirts and pants.
Very hilarious stuff.
The Ghost Is Dancing @ Velvet Underground

I went to the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern to see Dinosaur Bones.
Something about that venues makes that band look so good live.
Dinosaur Bones @ The Horseshoe Tavern

Headed up to the Reverb and saw The Magic.
First time to see them and they were amazing.
I have to say they were “magical”.
The Magic @ The Reverb

Finally I went to Lee’s Palace and I thought I was going to see No Age but I found out that they played an hour ago and got pushed back earlier.
So I got to see King Khan.
I never thought they could pack a show and the people were having a blast with their music.
King Khan @ Lee's Palace

So that was my Friday of NXNE.

Photos are here.

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