Octoberman – Fortresses (Review)

There has been sort of a buzz with Octoberman‘s album Fortresses.
Considering the song “Trapped In A New Scene” was iTunes Free single of the week.
The cool glossy music video for Thirty Reasons.
All I can say is maybe Octoberman could be the bread and butter/saviour for White Whale Records.
Or I could be wrong with that statement.
Enough with that and on to the record.

This album is sort of a departure from what we are used to with Octoberman.
Gone is the sad mellow acoustic feeling from tracks like Run From Safety, Breath Of Sunshine, Laguardia and X-Pat.
More of a upbeat rocking feel with some parts folksy.
Tracks like I Know A Nurse is very epic wise.
To have short catchy folky tracks to Thirty Reason which reminds me of Basia Bulat’s Before I Knew.
Scenester being the one track that sounds very different and experimental rock wise.
Surprised there is alot of Ottawa connections on this album.
With Sarah Hallman singing on The Backlash, I Know A Nurse and Temptation Is A Bloody Mess
Jonathan Pearce of Poorfolk and The Soirée doing some “gang” vocal.
Produced by Dave Draves and recorded in Little Bullhorn studios in Ottawa.
This is a really great album, sound production is bigger than the last record.
Best tracks:

  • The Backlash
  • Dancing With Your Ghost
  • I Know A Nurse
  • Thirty Reason
  • SI
  • Scenesters
  • Another Trial

Thanks to Marc Morissette to send me the digital copy of this album.

Music video for Thirty Reason

Music video for Trapped In A Scene

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