Review: Show at Rolly’s Garage

On Saturday during the Toronto rainy afternoon.
I decided to hit up the No Shame/Daps Duo show and BBQ.
Took place at a Garage Bodyshop down in Ossington.

Playing there were:
Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees
Swirling Shores (aka Spiral Beach)
Times Neue Roman
Pick a Piper
Laura Barrett

I had to say it was a unique venue to have a day show.
Also I felt the garage looked too clean to be used as a “garage”.

Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees started off the set.
Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees @ Rolly's Garage
Totally a fun set they always put on.

Lightmares was very garagey rock.
Lightmares @ Rolly's Garage

Spiral Beach played and I was sort of surprised they were on the bill.
Apparently they were called “Swirling Shores” on the flyer.
But I can’t get enough of this band.
Spiral Beach @ Rolly's Garage

Times Neue Roman was alright but I wasn’t getting into them for some weird reason.
Times Neue Roman @ Rolly's Garage

Pick A Piper just blew me away.
Its one of the drummer for Caribou.
It was like listening to Caribou but more psychedlic.
Surprised that no one hasn’t heard of them. I was totally dancing with their music.
Pick a Piper @ Rolly's Garage

Laura Barrett was the final set.
Funny she actually remembered me when she talked on the mic.
She was totally amazing and nice to listen to.
Apparently she bought new pedals for the set.
Gotta love the Kalimba.
Nice to see Rebekah Higgs join in for a song of hers which was Robot Ponies.
Laura Barrett @ Rolly's Garage

I enjoyed a nice day with music and food despite being rainy.
Met some nice people and of course there were some Toronto musician that came by to see whoever was playing.
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