Sculptures à Porter @ AXENÉO7

Running until January 27, 2023 is Laurence Broydé‘s Sculptures à Porter (Wearable Sculptures) at AXENÉO7‘s residency room.

About the artwork:
In the Sculptures à Porter (Wearable Sculptures), non-gendered transitional elements, allow for metamorphosis, setting aside questions of species and gender as well as their usual representation, in order to move beyond the nature/culture duality. As such, they constitute a form of animistic and totemic ontology, placing art and the work at the centre of social organization. This work examines the role of transitional objects such as works of art in our current societies. By being worn, the sculptures are humanized, leading us beyond anthropomorphism. The produced forms are metaphorically and physically inhabited. They activate narratives with open interpretations and produce various potentially usable objects, exploitable, and to experiment.

Check out the gallery.

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