Elise von Teichman @ The Rainbow Bistro

Last night I went to the Rainbow Bistro for a CD Release show.
I met Elise von Teichman back in the winter time at this dinner club.
Not to my knowledge, I didn’t know she was a singer.

Surprised there was alot of people that were at this show.
Showing their support for Elise.
That is when good word of mouth or Facebook is helpful.

The first opener was Matt Ouimet.
Matt Ouimet @ The Rainbow Bistro
I know he sometimes backs up Sarah Hallman.
This time it was just him doing a solo stuff.
His music was really nice.
But his bantering, all I can say is entertaining.
An talented musician.
Good thing he didn’t curse, there were kids at the show too.
Elise von Teichman @ The Rainbow Bistro
After he was done Ana Muira introduced Elise on stage.
Elise came on and everyone was very excited.
She had her guitar and sang tracks from her CD.
Alot of nice acoustic songs.
Some nice and some sad.
Nice that one of her sisters gave her flowers before she started her encore.
Very lovely to see that.
The encore she sang a cover which was Damien Rice’s 9 Crimes.
Nice cover she did.
Kathleen June @ The Rainbow Bistro
I checked out for one song of Kathleen June.
She sang Bittersweet Symphony.
Wish I could have stayed longer.

It was a nice night at the Rainbow Bistro.
Its a great venue, wish they get a more broader acts than the Bluegrass/roots/Blues genre and open up for more diversity.
I got Elise’s album and its really great!
Go get it at your local music shops.


  1. Elise von Teichman

    Ming, awesome job on the pics! Thank you so much for an amazing job well done.

    Elise vT

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