Spiral Beach and Gentleman Reg @ Zaphods [PHOTOS]

With all the shows happening in Ottawa.
One being the BC Scene and I missed out the Danny Michel and Dan Mangan show.
I went to see Spiral Beach and Gentleman Reg at Zaphods.

Before the show.
I sort of got into Zaphods really early.
After Gentleman Reg’s soundcheck was done.
I was with my brother and friend.
Then someone came in and it was Jian Ghomeshi and I almost had a heartattack.
But I recovered and I really wanted to say hi and how I love his show Q.
He was chatting with Gentleman Reg and had a cellphone call.
Didn’t want ot bother him.
I was almost star struck to him there.
Eastborough @ Zaphods
Eastboroughwas the opener.
Stefanie Guzam looked really lovely on stage.
Very nice music she sang.
Last time I saw her she had a band but this time it was just simply her.
Hope to see her at upcoming shows later in the months ahead.
Gentleman Reg @ Zaphods
Then Gentleman Reg went on stage.
I was surprised he had bands from The Bicycles, Cuff The Duff and The Hyolozists backing him up.
I have to say he improved since last time I saw him which was last year where he opened up for Stars.
That is mostly he had a drummer.
With the backing band, it made more interseting.
Set list
Gentleman Reg @ Zaphods
Spiral Beach @ Zaphods
Finally Spiral Beach was on stage.
I was so happy to see them play at a venue like this.
Spiral Beach @ Zaphods
They were suppose to play in November but had to cancel.
There wasn’t as many people as expected.
I didn’t really care.
Just as long I get alot of room to take photos and maybe dance around to songs like Casual T which they did sing.
Spiral Beach @ Zaphods
I had a great time!
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