Jenn Grant – In The Belly Of A Dragon [Music Video]

Born/raised on Prince Edward Island and Halifax-based musician Jenn Grant is returning to the Nation’s Capital for a two night show at NAC Fourth Stage for their NAC Presents Series.
Jenn Grant is currently on tour and promoting her album “The Beautiful Wild” on Six Shooter Records.
The nice people at the NAC were kind to giveaway a pair of tickets to her show on November 17th.
If you want to win the tickets, simply comment on the bottom with your name and E-mail.
This ends on November 15th.

Congratulations to Reid Gravelle for winning the tickets.
Thanks for those that entered!

Here is her music video for “In The Belly Of A Dragon”.

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19 responses to “Jenn Grant – In The Belly Of A Dragon [Music Video]”

  1. Allen says:

    I would love to go!

  2. Jean-Philippe says:

    Huge fans! Send them to me!

  3. Lina says:

    I would literally do anything for her… er, tickets to see her i mean. (Lina:

  4. Natalie Fraser says:

    Would love to go!

  5. Ash says:

    Would love to go to the show!

  6. Heather says:

    Should be a great concert!

  7. Evan Jones says:

    Would love to see her! 😀

  8. Kelly Fallak says:

    I really want to go and am in desperate need of a date night. Please pick me 😀

  9. Finlay says:

    Saw this on Reddit, nice song! Thanks for posting Ming!

  10. Jeremy says:

    Sweet song. Would love to go to this show

  11. Jean-Luc says:

    Great sound! hope to get to see it!

  12. Wolfgang says:

    It would be a great opportunity! I would love to go!

  13. Emilie says:

    would be awesome to go!

  14. Mark Hughes says:

    Wow, A chance to get dressed up and get outta the house? I would love it. Thank you for this!

    P.s. I promise to wear my best “duds” and generally be on my best behaviour. I’d even try not to talk like I’m 50, so I’ll stop using words like “duds”.

  15. Patti M says:

    One of our fav’s

  16. Reid G says:

    Would enjoy going to see her live.

  17. Ellorie says:

    My memories of Jenn Grant at the Dead of Winter Festival In Wakefield last winter and the winter before are stunning- an amazing artist with a great personality and genuine writing— it would be such a treat to go and see her again!

  18. Dan says:

    She is very good and definitly worth seeing live. what time is the concert ?

  19. Sweet voice… what a concert this will be!

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