Family of Things – Real Strong Woman [Listen]

Hamilton band Family of Things dropped a track called Real Strong Woman with Zerbin.
Taken from their upcoming deluxe edition of Oscilloscope which comes out this Friday.
Upbeat synth-dance pop tune.

About the song:
Real Strong Woman marks a new direction in tone, style, instrumentation, and lyrical content, which allowed us to step out of our comfort zone and tap into a fresh energy and sound.

This song was initially inspired by boy-band music of the nineties, but took on a production quality of Chance the Rapper. These two contrasting inspiration styles and eras resulted in the song you hear now, one that exudes a message of positivity and hope.

“Real Strong Woman” was created as an equal partnership, produced remotely between us and Jason Zerbin. The making of this track proved to be fruitful and engaging. It has led to us producing Zerbin’s upcoming record, Bright and Holy, at his studio on the West Coast.

Real Strong Woman gets:

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