A Boundless and Radiant Aura @ Saw Gallery

Running until March 18th is A Boundless and Radiant Aura by Diana Lynn Vandermeulen at Saw Gallery.
This installation was shown during Debaser’s Pique Spring 2023.

About the exhibition:
A Boundless and Radiant Aura is a 360° digital environment which invites visitors to defy terrestrial logic as they navigate the sublunary layers of an Expanded Reality Magic Window Experience. Extended from an ongoing series of two-dimensional, mixed-media worlds, virtuality is considered a means of challenging the bounds of cinematic terrain and an opportunity to explore the metaphysical connection between landscape and the human spirit. In a process of renegotiating truths, collage and glitch become key tools in the confrontation of our digital/cosmic corporeality.

Within SAW Gallery, real-time navigation encourages participants to lead their own cosmic exploration of the digital environment. In support of the interactive Magic Window, video output of the slowly changing landscapes are reflected throughout the space, inviting viewers to find their own resting place within the work. As a further extension of this reality, visitors are invited to experience an atmospheric redolence created with perfumer Courtney Rafuse.

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