Absolutely Free & Fet.Nat @ Le Temporaire [January 19, 2013]

There was alot of things happening on January 19th, besides hockey returning on the airwaves.
With alot of shows going on, I decided to hit up this unique show in Hull/Gatineau.
I really wanted to see both acts.
Playing at the show:
Absolutely Free (Who doesn’t love that band name?)
Absolutely Free @ Le Temporaire

Fet.Nat @ Le Temporaire

The show took place at Le Temporaire.
I have to say it is a nice place to hold shows, despite where it is but it is less than a five minute walk from the #8 OC Transpo stop.
Hadn’t been there since Ferriswheel did their album release on December 8, 2011.
Fet.Nat @ Le Temporaire
The first band to play was Fet.Nat.
I’ve seen them alot at various shows.
They never disappoint with their indie experimental rock music.
Fet.Nat @ Le Temporaire
Last was Toronto’s Absolutely Free.
I was really excited to see them.
Since I missed them playing at Pop Montreal and NXNE.
The band used to be in the now defunct act DD/MM/YYYY.
Really nice guys to chat with too!
All I have to say was their set was musically mind blowing.
They played a mix of indie experiement prog-psych-rock music!
Absolutely Free @ Le Temporaire
Overall I totally enjoyed this show
Here are the rest of the photos

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