Adam & The Amethysts covers Drinking In L.A.

CJLO is a community radio station in Montreal.
For their fundraising campaign, they made their first compilation of Montreal artists covering Montreal artists.
The compilation is called CJLO 1690AM presents “YOU’RE RELATED” Vol. 1 which you can download on Bandcamp.

I just have to feature this cover that Adam & The Amethysts‘ cover of Bran Van 3000’s “Drinkin’ In LA”.
When I saw them play live in Ottawa, they ended off with that song.
Here is a quote from the band on the song.
It speaks to something a lot of young expats in Montreal can relate to: you’re chasing the dream in a glamorous far-away creative hub, and suddenly you realize that all you’re really doing is wasting time and getting drunk.
What they did was make the song into a slow down indie folk pop dream-like tune.
Have a listen to Drinking In L.A.

Here is the original version by Bran Van 3000 taken from the album Glee.

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