Adele – 25 [Review]

HELLO… IT’S ME which seems to be the current catchphrase on Adele‘s mega hit song.
So I decided to write up this review for the anticipated third album by Adele.
I took my time to listen to it and not do like a half-ass job/premature write up.
Since it won’t make any difference if anyone reads this but it is worth trying.

Listened to 25 about five times to actually be like “Oh this is a ok album”.
Doesn’t have the feel from her gigantic seller which was 21.
Concensus so far about this about 25.
Adele is a millionaire, won Grammies, Brits and probably a Juno and given birth to a child.
Some say this is a safe album with all it’s syrupy ballad tracks like Rememdy, Love In The Dark, Million Years Ago, All I Ask and the power leading single “Hello”.
There is some upbeat tracks like Send My Love (To Your New Lover) and Water Under The Bridge.

25 is already breaking records around the world especially in the UK and USA.
If you want something like Rolling In The Deep, Someone Like You or Set Fire To The Rain with the emotional singing and connectivity that you have broken up with something.
This isn’t the right album considering Adele stated that 25 is more of a make up album.

25 doesn’t have the emotional level that 21 did.
Still a pretty decent album and will grow in time.

Best tracks:

  • Hello
  • Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
  • I Miss You
  • When We Were Young
  • Remedy
  • Water Under The Bridge
  • All I Ask

I’d give 25 a 8/10.

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