Alexia Avina – Fit Into [Music Video]

A song that was featured on my favourite radio show on KEXP called Pacific Notions that features music in the realm of instrumental, ambient, classical, modern classical and experimental.
Alexia Avina of Best Fern who used to be based in Montreal now resides in rural Massachusetts.
A few weeks ago, Alexia released a track called Fit Into which is taken from her upcoming album Unearth will be released on October 9, 2020 jointly by UK’s Lost Map Records and, in North America’s Topshelf Records.
Fit Into is a beautiful and dreamy song!

About the song:
“‘Fit Into’ is about the wish to shapeshift oneself into the mould of another person’s desires,” Alexia explains. “At the time of writing, I knew that this was an unworthy aspiration to hold myself to, but I wanted to write a song that tapped into that space of inner longing to be someone else, rather than from an angle of self-judgement.”

Fit Into gets:

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