Almost Time For End of 2014 Music List!

2014 is almost coming to a close.
So I might I need your help.
Coming in the month of December, I will compile the best of and they will include:

  • Best Canadian Albums of 2014
  • Best Non-Canadian Albums of 2014
  • Best EPs 0f 2014
  • Best Album Covers of 2014
  • Best Singles/Music Videos of 2014
  • Best Shows of 2014

Do I dare do a worst list? It will be the first time I will try to do it.

On December 29, 2014 I will air the Top 14 albums of 2014 on my radio show.
If you want to come on my show and weight in on the best albums of 2014.
Go on the my radio show page and contact me.

Any suggestions on albums to listen to, please comment on the bottom.


  1. Lisa Marie

    You should check out The Still Winter Hills. Awesome rock band from Ottawa. Their album is called Late Night Souls. They have a Big Star/Wilco feel meets Tom Petty/Neil Young. I just love them and would love to see them get more air time

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