Apollo Lovely – Runaway [Music Video]

Apollo Lovely is the moniker for Montreal musician Kim Ho who is Vietnamese-Irish-American heritage.
The musician dropped this lovely music video for Runaway from the self-titled album.
An old school upbeat Pop/R&B vibe song.

About the track:
Kim was feeling stuck at a point in my life when he met someone who inspired him to write “Runaway.”
He found the courage to run away from all the stories and games that others seemed to be pressuring him with, and discovered his renewed desire to follow his dreams.
“Runaway” is from his eponymous LP.
What he hope listeners can take from the album is that he thinks love is the most powerful force during our time on earth is not only the love we have for others, the people that move in and out of our lives, but also the love for ourselves and our dreams.
The music video is directed by Stéphanie Biron Weber, and features a class of young gymnasts.
What he likes about it is that it highlights the freedom and possibility that we have when we are young, the flexibility and opportunities we possess before the constraints of adulthood are imposed on us.
As adults we must reconnect with our childhood selves, and use that curiosity and flexibility to guide us towards a creative and rewarding life.
Apollo Lovely was trying to elicit the feeling of breaking out of a mold built from expectations by our peers, parents, society, and most importantly the mold that we construct for ourselves.
Achieving the feeling of breaking free from these constraints and to serve out creative light, is to be happy and truly be free.

Runaway gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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