Basement Revolver – Circles [Music Video]

Today the Hamilton band Basement Revolver dropped the music video for Circles
The fourth single is taken from Embody which comes out on February 18, 2022 via Sonic Unyon Records.
A harrowing slow-burning dreamy indie rock tune that has a liberating message of being a survivor of a traumatic experience.

About the track:
An expansive and highly melodic piece of dream pop that grapples with the aftermath of being raped.
The track finds bandleader Chrisy Hurn-Morrison capturing the feeling of trying to do everything in your power to get better, but there is just that one thing that it always comes back to — knowing that it is a slow and long journey.

As much as it is about this heavy, shitty thing that happened, I feel resilient. I feel a little bit stronger every time I hear it — a little bit more like I can stop hiding parts of myself.
Written with her partner, “Circles” is a song of catharsis for Hurn-Morrison, with the hope that it helps listeners who are going through similar experiences.

Circles gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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