Blackbox Concert Series with Kyrie Kristmanson & Rolf Klausener [April 15, 2012]

Here are the photos from the Blackbox Concert Series that took place at the GCTC on April 15, 2012.
Playing at the show was:
Kyrie Kristmanson

Rolf Klausener with Adam Saikaley

It’s been awhile for the people at the Blackbox Concert Series to have a show this year.
I was very excited for this one because it was a homecoming show for Kyrie.
Having seen her back in March during CMW.
This would be a special Ottawa show for those that hadn’t seen her since last year and currently living in Paris.

The show started off with Rolf Klausener.
For those not aware, he plays in the band The Acorn.
He was accompanied by Adam Saikaley.
It was a nice set filled with tracks from the Acorn and some covers.
Interesting to hear a drum machine being used.
Overall a great set!

Then it was Kyrie’s turn to come up on stage.
It was just simply her.
She started off with Song X which is still amazing to hear.
In the set she previewed some new tracks on an upcoming album.
Happy that she played Comet Of Desire which the audience knew the part on when to sing on cue.
She tried to sing one of the new songs but something happened to the pedals.
But we couldn’t fault for that.
She ended it off with Song For A Blackwind which still give me chills down my spine.
This was an amazing intimate show she put on.
Can’t wait for the new album.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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