blesse – normal [Streaming]

Today the Montreal band blesse dropped their debut album called normal via Simone Records.
Insane blend of experimental alterna-pop 80s synth sounding throwback vibe.

About the album by blesse:
“a reference to the Bee Gees that speaks on behalf of a tyrant in its verses and on behalf of the wounded in its refrains. It tells the story of a narcissist who makes others feel inhuman.
It is cold and cutting. In its cycles of manipulation and resurfacing for breaths that save survival, it makes one dance like a puppet.”

Drawing particular inspiration from Porches, My Bloody Valentine, and Indochine, from hyperpop and bedroom pop, blesse conceived a new vernacular that is idiosyncratic, plural, abrasive, and above all, catchy. They discussed song structures feverishly, and realized that what mattered most to them was having a distinctive studio sound. Guided by these principles, they worked tirelessly, rigorously, yet nimbly, in a spirit of complete mutual trust. Missteps were few, and progress was swift.

It took them the canonical nine months to arrive at the sonic composition they sought, but once they found it, the material flowed out freely, issuing from incessant cyclical collaboration. The group became its true self, song by song, passing themes deftly from voice to voice, constantly renewed and embellished. Hence the profusion of song credits that read simply, “Words and music by blesse.” Most of these compositions sprang from guitar and voice ideas that were immediately recorded, then illuminated by ever-evolving refinements of synth tracks, crafted to enhance the original lyrical message. The music takes flight, and rarely returns to its starting point; rather, it explores without limits. The chief challenge of this approach is knowing when to stop.

This is a radical and perpetual departure: blesse aims to perpetuate the primordial joy and wonder of beginning

normal gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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