Born Ruffians and Weaves @ Ritual [September 25, 2015]

Born Ruffians @ Ritual Nightclub
This is the second time this week that I manage to catch these two acts but in Ottawa.
Last week on the first night of Pop Montreal, I got to see Weaves and Born Ruffians.
Being on a Friday night, it was totally a wild and fun packed show!

Weaves @ Ritual Nightclub
Toronto’s Weaves started off the show. Performed a fun rocking set. Mostly materials from their EP and some new tracks. It was great that they played to a lot of people.
Born Ruffians @ Ritual Nightclub
Born Ruffians got all of Ottawa excited. The band just dropped their new album Ruff. They performed tracks from that album and some from the last one Birthmarks. Totally a fun and crazy show!

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