Braids – Flourish // Perish [Review]

I was surprised to have a listen of Braid‘s long awaited follow-up album to Native Speaker called Flourish // Perish.
The album will drop on August 20th through Arbutus Records (USA), Full Time Hobby (UK) and Flemish Eye (Canada).
I couldn’t wait that long!
Of course it’s been reported that before the making of their sophomore album that Katie Lee left the band.
Gone are the guitars and more into the world of electronic music.
Pitchfork called Braids’ music “Cerebral in that the group mimicks the actual, visceral processes of brain function, inquisitive and curious, full of synaptic firing, inescapable loops and random ellipses.”

Ten tracks makes up Flourish // Perish.
I have to say it is a bold move that they moved into the electronic side of the music.
Like Native Speaker, they never disappoint in making a beautiful album.
From the dark electronic dance beats of Amends to a haunting, beautiful piano and ambient sound of Girl and pulse bass beats which reminds me of Radiohead (Kid A era) in Together.
In Kind which ends the album, I was surprised that the music video is the album version.
Hence the 1:29 minute ambient and beautiful intro before we hear Raph’s vocals. (If you bought the single for In Kind / Amends)

Overall one of the best albums of 2013. (Sorry if the review is show)

Best tracks:

  • Victoria
  • December
  • Hossak
  • Girl
  • Together
  • Amends

  • In Kind

I’d give Flourish // Perish 10/10.
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