Brasstronaut and Glenn Nuotio @ The Black Sheep Inn

On March 25th, with various events that happen.
One being Two Hours Traffic (Review of Territory) with Dead Letter Chorus (Review of The August Manificent) at Zaphod Beeblebrox.
The other was Thrush Hermit at Capital Music Hall.
I decided to go up to the Black Sheep Inn to see Brasstronaut play.
I haven’t seen them play in awhile and I am loving their new album “Mount Chimeara” (Review).

I was very surprised with the turnout, alot of people showed up.
It was mostly due to the Pelts headlining and give a name drop for the Sierra Club of Ottawa to bring awareness for something.

Glenn Nuotio was the first act to play.
For those not aware, his music is melodramatic pop piano style.
It was very calming and mellow. It was a great set, so great that he sang a cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know”.

Brasstronaut was up next.
I was surprised they were playing second. I thought they were the headliners but in any case I was glad they played second.
They played two old tracks from their debut EP which were Requiem for a Scene and Old World Lies.
After that they were played mostly from the full-length album Mount Chimaera.
It was a fun and rocking set.
The people who were at the set were blown away.
Even the band was blown away by the loud cheering and they never got that from other shows.
There were some people dancing to their music.

Loved hearing Slow Knots and very surprised they sang Insects which I call it a eight minute epic song.
People thought the song was going to end with the applauding but that song kept going.
It was a wonderful set.
I still can’t believe that Tariq Hussain is in that band. For those that don’t know, he is a radio personality on CBC Radio 3.
I did get to talk to him but I got abit nervous and somewhat CBC starstruck, at least he was very nice.

Overall it was a fun and wild show!
Thanks to Glenn, Edo and the rest of Brasstronaut.

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