Bruce Peninsula: Interview

Bruce Peninsula @ Cafe DekcufLately I bought this digital recorder and try to get my hands into interviewing musicians/bands.
Bruce Peninsula interview
My first try was interviewing the members of Bruce Peninsula.
Interviewed them on July 23rd where they played a show at Cafe Dekcuf.
I talked to them after their sound check and did it at the corner of Rideau and Cumberland St.
Members I interviewed were:
Neil Haverty
Matt Cully
Misha Bower
Andrew Barker
Steven McKay
Kari Peddle
Daniel Geshundheit
I was thinking of typing it down but here is the audio part.
Questions I asked them were:
How was 2009 treated you?
What happened after doing CBC’s Q?
Favorite part was when Neil joked that Jian and Steven had a thing and got married. That was too funny.
Which city was the toughest to play?
Mischa said that playing Calgary was tough because it was during Stampede time.
They played Lethbridge and the venue they played had 20 people which it holds 400 people.

How excited were you for the Polaris Long List?
How was the recording processing go for the CD?
A song that best represents Bruce Peninsula?

Neil sidetrack mentioning a 80s song
Kari said Crabapples

Songs that was left out from the album and would be used as a b-side?
How supportive is the Toronto music scene?
What’s coming up for Bruce Peninsula?

Neil said going back home and sleeping. The band will be recording a new album very soon.

Sometime in October the band will be back in Ottawa.
Click here for the full audio interview.
Bruce Peninsula interview

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