Bruce Peninsula – A Mountain Is A Mouth (Review)

After seeing Bruce Peninsula play an awesome set on Friday night.
I bought their debut album “A Mountain Is A Mouth” and I can’t stop listening to it.
Album was available digitally in December of 2008 but finally released the album physically on February 3, 2009.
If you don’t know Bruce Peninsula, they are a band from Toronto and a really big group consisting of 7-10 members.
This album just blew me away with the style of the music.
The band focuses alot on the unconventional musical instruments like the kalimba, bells, washboards and others which will be very long to list, vocals and harmonies of the choir of the female members of Bruce Peninsula.
A Mountain is a Mouth has that high energy feel with vibrant tracks of Inside/Outside, Steamroller and Crabapples.
Makes you want to dance or stomp and do some fun tribal dance.
The band has that gospel sound without the bible thumping aspect to it.
I love this gapless album since it feels like it is telling you a wonderful story.

Bruce Peninsula has that earthy sound to them.
Just can’t think of the decade that their music style would be placed this.
This album should be nominated for the 2009 Polaris Prize. (Please break the trend of giving it out to a single white male artist)

Stunning tracks on the album:

  • Inside/Outside
  • Steamroller
  • [audio:]
  • Satisfied
  • Weave Myself a Dress
  • Crabapples
  • [audio:]
  • Northbound/Southbound

Also they are great live so get a chance to see them live.
You won’t be disappointed.
Go to your local music shop and grab “A Mountain Is A Mouth”.

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