Casper Skulls – Tommy [Music Video]

Today, Toronto-based band Casper Skulls dropped the music video visualizer Tommy.
The second single is taken from their second album Knows No Kindness which comes out on November 12, 2021 via Next Door Records.
Kind of have this Land of Talk mellow pop rock vibe.

About the track:
Further mining the band’s new direction, “Tommy” accelerates down the route of folk-tinged rock touching on the sounds of Neko Case, Neil Young and Gillian Welch.

Stripping back the shoegaze and 90s alt-rock tones, the quartet’s new approach gives way to expansive dreamlike notions that allow for singer/guitarist, Melanie St-Pierre to harness more of a focus towards her lyrics and storytelling.

Knows No Kindness also finds St-Pierre taking on all lead vocals as well as welcoming drummer, Aurora Bangarth to the fold.

Tommy gets:

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