i♥music festival 2010: The Love Machine, The Most Serene Republic, Still Life Still, Paramedics, Crush Buildings, Whale Tooth & Loon Choir

It was night three and the last night for the i(heart)music festival that happened on August 28th. It was a big night because seven bands was playing not just one but two rooms at Mavericks and Cafe Dekcuf. The night happened to be The Love Machine‘s CD Release show for their long awaited full length …

Transformation, “Restoration,” & The Latest Evolution of The Acorn By Emily Jeffers

On Friday, August 13, 2010, as the sun went down, The Acorn took to the stage at the Ottawa Folk Festival. That liminal time between day and night seemed a fitting hour, considering The Acorn’s most recent release, No Ghost, and the nature of the band itself: filled with dichotomies, opposition, and transformation.