Hooded Fang, Organ Eyes and Blonde Elvis @ House Of Targ [November 27, 2014]

Arboretum FestivalExclaim! and Debaser presented a great late show at House of Targ.
I’ve been dying to see this Toronto band in awhile considering they seem to skip Ottawa.
Hooded Fang @ House of Targ
Hooded Fang was the headliner of the show.
Been a long time coming for the band since they hadn’t been in Ottawa for about two years (Minus Phedre this year but that is a different act).
They finally came and performed materials from 2013’s Gravez.
Also they previewed a few new tracks which I truly enjoy with it’s psych-pop rock with that hint of beachiness.
Bummed out that they didn’t play any from Tosta Mista (which was a turning point in the band’s direction in music).
But overall I was happy to see them play.
Organ Eyes @ House of Targ
Organ Eyes was the second band to play.
They played a indie psych-pop rock set.
Even had balloons to start off the show.
Blonde Elvis @ House of Targ
Toronto’s Blonde Elvis who was late due to being stuck in traffic.
Played a great indie pop rock set.
Definitely a great band to see and hear live.
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