Catriona Sturton @ Raw Sugar Cafe

It was a bitterly cold January 30, 2010 night in Ottawa.
Didn’t stop people from going to Raw Sugar Cafe to see Catriona Sturton perform.
It was her first show for 2010 and playing at this lovely place.
I missed out last time she play due to another show happening.
It was nice to come out and show some support for local talent.
First time I saw her she was playing at various times at the 2009 Ottawa Folk Festival.

The show started off not too late because of the audio equipment.
The show began with Sharon Coward.
She is a great friend of Catriona.
Her music is acoustic folk.
Her set was nice, sweet and intimate.
Just simply her and a guitar and sometimes Catriona accompanied her in one song.

Lastly Catriona was up.
She sort had a drummer helping her this time.
It was nice and some parts funny with her music.
Somehow I was hoping to hear her sing something in Japanese like I did at the Folk Festival but that wasn’t the case.
Anyways she is was amazing.
She did one song which was all bluesy which was totally amazing.

Rolf Klausener of the Acorn joined Catriona to one song.
Don’t know if the track they sang was a cover?
But it was amazing to listen to it. The video might be up later or this week.
Overall I totally enjoyed this show despite being very cold or probably a Hockey game too.
Catriona is a great talented singer, hopefully she will play more shows later on.

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