CityFolk 2021 [September 18, 2021]

Third night of CityFolk and it was “Canadian Country night”.
Different vibe from the night before but boy was I in for something.
NOTE: I’m going to be honest on this so just look at the photos.
Performing that night was Dean Brody, The Reklaws and Sacha.
Kicking off a sunsetting Saturday was Sacha.
She was entertaining and thought her Country music had that hint of R&B/Pop & Rock vibe.
There was a cover medley of a Taylor Swift which I didn’t mind.
What stood out was she had the energy, confidence & stage presences to perform the music she wants to do and be a trailblazer. 6/10.
Sacha @ CityFolk 2021
Second was The Reklaws performing their style of Canadian country pop music.
It wasn’t my kind of cup but I did enjoy their cover of Avril Lavigne’s Complicated and Train’s Drop of Jupiter.
Don’t get me wrong they were lively and entertaining on stage. 5/10.
The Reklaws @ CityFolk 2021
Ending the night was Dean Brody.
Again not my cup of tea but the audience did enjoyed it. 5/10.
Dean Brody @ CityFolk 2021
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Overall Day 3 gets: