Closing Night of Fresh Meat 6

October 21st was the closing night of Fresh Meat 6.
Fresh Meat 6
The details about this festival:
Fresh Meat is an artistic playground that gives local theatre creators a unique opportunity to test new ideas in front of an audience. Each year, 10 Ottawa theatre-makers are invited to create and perform a brand new 20-minute performance piece at our two-weekend festival in October. We look for ideas that are original and innovative, and that test the traditional boundaries of theatre. No idea is too out there and no idea is too simple; what matters is the artist’s passion for and dedication to their own project.

Founded in 2012, Fresh Meat has housed over 50 20-minute world premieres and paid out more than $20,000 to local creators in direct exchange for their work. By giving artists a place to experiment, Fresh Meat plays a key role in the steady stream of exciting new work being created in Ottawa. Seedlings planted at Fresh Meat have grown into full-length productions and have been produced at undercurrentsThe NACFringes across Canada, and more. Others live their three nights at Fresh Meat and are never seen or heard from again. Both are equally valuable outcomes when creating from a place of experimentation and play.”

Closing night had five acts and they were:
Holding Mercury
Fresh Meat 6
Fresh Meat 6
a n X i e t y w o m X n
Fresh Meat 6
Fresh Meat 6
Folie (Which is my favorite with no dialogue and lots of physical comedy)
Fresh Meat 6
This wraps up Fresh Meat 6 and hoping for #7 next year.

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