Cloud Nothings @ Lee’s Palace [CMW 2012]

Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace
As you may know I am at CMW in Toronto.
Been there since Thursday and was wondering why am I not posting it?
Just say I am internet-less.
But I have to post this show I just on Friday night.
It was a fluke and change of decision.
Headed up to Lee’s Palace to see Cloud Nothings.
They have been buzzing from blogs and Pitchfork since the release of “Attack On Memory”.
It is one of those bands I know for sure is not going to do a show in Ottawa (I could be wrong).
This is what I love about these kinds of festivals.
You never know what you will see.
All I can say was wow they just blew right out of the park!
A fun loud alterna-rocking show.
I was lucky to get right in front of the stage.
It was wild and crazy with the moshing.
All I can say best show at CMW 2012.
Here are some photos I took.
Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace

Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace
Cloud Nothings @ Lee's Palace

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