Dead Letter Chorus – The August Magnificent (Review)

Thanks to the people at Killbeat Music for letting me check out this band from Australia.
They are the Dead Letter Chorus.
The band will be touring across Canada in March (Ottawa March 25th opening up for Two Hours Traffic) and parts of April.
The August Magnificent is their debut album.
Surprised that this album came out in 2008.
Its filled with great folk-acoustic-rock tunes.
The standout track is “Chasing Hearts”.
The members consist of:

  • Gabrielle Huber
  • Cameron Potts
  • Michael Faber
  • Lee Carey
  • Tristan “T-Bone” Thorne

From Killbeat Music:
“The August Magnificent” gets much of its scale from the emotional range of singers Cameron Potts and Gabrielle Huber. Alternating vocal duties either between songs or between verses, Potts and Huber each shift seamlessly from charm to menace to world-weariness and back again, turning each track into its own emotional journey. Matching the singing for range, the music is breathtaking. The constantly shifting instrumental dynamics of the album come courtesy of the orchestration of the five band members and no less than 22 guest musicians. It’s a careful blend of reckless abandon and control that frequently empowers but never overwhelms.”
I really enjoy this album despite being released in 2008.
People should definitely listen to this band.
There is no distinction that they sound like they are from Australia.
Go check them out.
Best tracks:

  • The Peaceful Sleep Of Death
  • Down In The Valley
  • Chasing Heart
  • Fight The Morning
  • 11th Dream About Aeroplanes
  • The Long Goodnight
  • Modern Faith


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