Dec 29, 2009 Night.

It was a very cold night on December 29th a few days before 2009 comes to a close.
Decided to hit up two different venues.
First I was at the Avant-Garde Bar which was more of a acoustic music affair.
Playing there were:

After that I went to the Mercury Lounge which was more of a electronica dance night.
Playing there was:

At Avant-Garde Bar, I only caught Jonathan and Keturah’s set.
The Panama was half a song.
It was my first time seeing Jonathan’s set, it was acoustic rock. A really nice set.
Keturah played and alot of people crowded up to where she was.
It was another great set she played.

After that headed over to the Mercury Lounge.
I wanted to see Matt Rosen (aka Liar’s Rosebush).
Not to my knowledge, thought it was just his set. It was a band he is in called Project that was playing.
It was a very ambient chill-out kind of set.
Got a CD of theirs and hopefully I can review very soon.

Despite being very cold that night, I did had time to check out interesting live music before 2009 ends.
So what to do for NYE tomorrow!!??


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