Delta Will, Mr. Walter and Droney Girl @ Bar Robo [October 29, 2016]

There was a great show on Saturday “Halloween” night at Bar Robo.
Performing at the show was Delta Will, Mr. Walter and Droney Girl (aka Pony Girl).
Since it was Halloween weekend, I decided to dress up but when I arrived at the venue there was no one dressed up at around 8pm.
Droney Girl @ Bar Robo
The show started off with Droney Girl which is basically three members of Pony Girl.
More of an experimental piece of drone music where was beautiful and captivating.
Mr. Walter @ Bar Robo
It wasn’t until the second band Mr. Walter from Montreal.
The band members were in costume and I felt very good there were dressed up.
Their music was great it was indie pop with some jazz blended it but the one band that came to my head was Groenland.
Delta Will @ Bar Robo
Then the show ended off with Delta Will from Toronto.
At around 10pm it was filled with people in their costume because afterwards was Kitchen Party which was a dance party.
Anyways they played a great set of folktronica pop music.
People had a great time dancing!
Click below for more photos.
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