Diamond Rings – Special Affections [Review]

What a sassy album cover!

There is high anticipation come October 26, 2010 when Diamond Rings drops the long awaited full-length debut called Special Affections.
When Emily Jeffers and I interviewed him back in April 8, 2010.
This is what he said about the album.
“There are ten songs right now—it might change. There’s a bit of everything. It jumps all over the place. Some songs are really guitar-oriented, some are piano ballads, some are in between, some are rap, some are really atmospheric. I would say the thing that ties it all together, mostly, are the lyrics, which I spend a lot of time on. That’s always been my favourite part of the song-writing process; really spending time writing lyrics that mean something to me, that rhyme in interesting ways and have metaphors and double entendres and hidden meanings.”
Listening to the whole ten tracks, it just brings out the fun and happiness.
Even for the live shows, you have see it for yourself.
At first seeing him live in Pop Montreal 2009, I thought it would be just a side-project thing for the lead singer of The D’Urbervilles but over the course of time he is gaining more attention from the blogosphere.
People have grown accustomed & enjoying his blend of catchy dance pop tunes.
Beginning track “Play By Heart” is one great big epic piano pop ballad.
Then after that things gets going on “Wait and See”.
When you get to “On Our Own”, you just want to put your fist up in the air during the piano parts.
The rest of the album has that throwback to the synth pop of the 1980s with some early 1990s techno beats.
Best tracks:

  • Play By Heart
  • [audio:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4791237/01%20Play%20By%20Heart.mp3]
  • Wait and See
  • [audio:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4791237/02%20Wait%20And%20See.mp3]

  • On Our Own
  • You and Me
  • Give It Up
  • Something Else
  • It’s Not My Party
  • All Yr Songs
  • [audio:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4791237/10%20All%20Yr%20Songs.mp3]

Special Affections is a great infectious pop album.
One track that is missing is “Show Me Your Stuff”.
Gets you dancing and grooving!
Should be in my Top 10 for 2010.
If I rate this, it would be a 10/10
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  1. Brenda

    Glad you like the album! I pre-ordered it yesterday. The singles have completely hooked me. Looking forward to hearing the whole thing!

  2. GringoDeMaio

    Pre-ordered the only copy my local music store is getting. I don’t even own a CD player but I will gladly drop the requisite dollars for this album, even if it’s already in my real music collection.

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