Electric Looking Glass – Purple, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow [Music Video]

Electric Looking Glass is a baroque pop rock band from Los Angeles, California.
They dropped the 8mm 60s inspired music video for Purple, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow.
The track is taken from their upcoming album Somewhere Flowers Grow which comes out on April 30, 2021 via We Are Busy Bodies Records.

About the band:
Boasting multiple vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and songwriters, Electric Looking Glass is a collaborative effort between four kindred spirits; Arash Mafi, Brent Randall, Johnny Toomey and Danny Winebarger.

Self-producing in their own analog wonderland, the lads pay loving homage to the kaleidoscope pop of yesteryear with impressive attention to detail in both their records and smile-inducing Monkees-esque music videos.

Purple, Red, Green, Blue & Yellow gets:

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