Emilie Kahn and Amanda Lowe @ Minotaure

It was a lovely intimate show at Minotaure with Emilie Kahn and Amanda Lowe on March 27, 2019.
Emilie is currently on her North American tour promoting the album Outro which came out in February.
Starting off the show was Amanda Lowe.
Performing a wonderful and beautiful singer-songwriter acoustic folk pop music. 8/10.
Then it was Emilie’s turn to go on stage.
It’s been about three years since I last seen her live.
One of those show where I got teary eyed when she started off with Swimmer, Will You?, 10000 and Aquarium.
Despite some sound issues which I didn’t care.
It was one of those shows that left me emotional!
First time seeing her with a backing band but the best part is during the solo performance with the harp which made it so intimate and speechless. 10/10!

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