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Lately been very busy with the happenings in the Ottawa music that I haven’t done any music picks.
This time I will do EP picks since its seems to be a trend with indie musicians releasing them.

Tune-Yards – Bird-Droppings

This new Digital EP was released on Nov 10th.
Two of the songs which were sung live at Pop Montreal (totally amazing set she did at the festival).
Best tracks:

While this remix is not on the EP but you should check it out.
Hatari (Karn Remix)


The Wilderness of Manitoba – Hymns of Love and Spirits

Their music is very nice, show them back in September at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Style of music is indie acoustic folk pop.
Makes you want to curl up in your blanket near a fireplace.
So get this EP if you can.
Best tracks:

  • Bluebirds
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Victoria Day
  • Evening
  • Manitoba
  • The Great Hall

Olenka and the Autumn Lovers – Papillonette

This band is fronted by Olenka Krakus and their music is simply elegant to listen to.
Has that indie folk pop sound.
Reminds me of Forest City Lovers.
Best tracks:

  • Flash In The Pan
  • Blue
  • Papillon
  • The Decline

Land Of Talk – Applause Cheer Boo Hiss

Feel like going backwards with Land Of Talk and don’t have the new EP Fun & Laughter (Which I desperately want to get!).
Thanks to Lizzie for giving me this album back in the summer.
While listening to this, their sound is very different than in Some Are Lakes.
This EP has more a dark and hard edge sound.
Really grown on this EP alot than on Some Are Lakes *which is still amazing*
Best Tracks:

  • Speak To Me Bones

  • Sea Foam
  • Summer Special
  • Breaxxbaxx
  • All My Friends
  • Street Wheels
  • Young Bridge (P-Dub Mix) *Available in the UK version*
  • Dark Nature Places *Available in the UK version*

Pick A Piper – Pick A Piper EP

Saw them play at Rolly’s Garage during my time at NxNE.
Seeing them for the first time just blew me away.
The band is a collective featuring Brad Weber of Caribou, Angus Fraser of Tenth of May, Dan Roberts ex-Winter Equinox and Clint Scrivener.
This EP is very indie pop psychedelic, reminiscent of Caribou.
I feel winter is coming very soon and I can surely hear it from this EP.

Best tracks:

  • Yellowknife
  • [audio:http://download.themusebox.net/pick_a_piper/mp3/01_yellowknife.mp3]
  • Bechtel Park
  • Rooms
  • [audio:http://download.themusebox.net/pick_a_piper/mp3/01_yellowknife.mp3]
  • Dené Sled

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