Feed the Homeless 5 @ Zaphods

Attended this charity event on November 25th at Zaphod Beeblebrox.
Its their fifth year doing this event.
And the proceeds help three homeless people have a dinner on Christmas day.

The acts I saw was:
Jill Zmud
Feed the Homeless 5: Jill Zmud
Arms Of The Girl
Feed The Homeless 5: Arms of the Girl

Jill started off the set and she was helped by Chris Page.
Amazing set as always.
Loved hearing the just the stripped down acoustic version of her music.
Happy to hear Gold, East Of The Line and Late To Bloom.
You have to see her live if you can.
Feed the Homeless 5: Jill Zmud
Then it was this band called Arms of the Girl.
Their music was poppy rock.
I really enjoyed their set.
Love they did a cover of Oasis’s “Morning Glory”.
Feed The Homeless 5: Arms of the Girl
It was a nice evening to see Jill play since this was the second time this month.


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