Fleeting by Anna Graves @ Possible Worlds

Possible Worlds presented their second exhibition of 2019, part of an ongoing series highlighting Ottawa-Gatineau- based or born emerging graphic artists.
Anna Graves‘ Fleeting examines relationships between land use and notions of belonging.
These large-scale lithograph and silkscreened prints feature urban and natural settings around Mi’kma’ki/Nova Scotia that are experiencing gentrification and shifting industries. With an interest in infrastructure and decay, Graves explores the difficult history of colonialism in this region.


On a daily basis, we encounter traces of human interaction with our surroundings. From the organic formation of footpaths to the effects of region-dependent industry, the Earth is shaped by our touch. Likewise, people are products of their environments.

Much of my work is landscape or architecturally based. In preparing my large-scale prints, I utilize a catalogue of sketches and photographs. I use drawing as a tool to reinterpret memories and thus relationships with spaces.

Fleeting runs until May 5, 2019.

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