Ghost Woman – Behind Your Eyes [Music Video]

Ghost Woman is the moniker for Evan John Uschenko and comes the release of the retro-looking music video for Behind Your Eyes.
The third single is taken from the upcoming debut self-titled album which comes out on July 6, 2022 via Full Time Hobby (Worldwide) and Victory Pool (CAN).
A retro groovy rocking tune.

About the track:
Behind Your Eyes is a song for which he made up a word : ‘transformating’. “I was probably on mushrooms when it was written,” he says.

The track arrives with a video from director Laura La France who says, “It’s been really exciting to collaborate with Evan on these videos; he shares my love of film format and makes some of my favourite local music.

The filming process has been very spontaneous and off-the-cuff, which is my favourite way to work.
I’ve learned a lot about 16mm and I hope he’s picked up a thing or two about Super 8!”

Behind You Eyes gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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