Giant Hand with Buffalo at Cafe Dekcuf

Sorry if I didn’t posted this sooner due to being very busy from the previous post.
On April 16th at Cafe Dekcuf I saw:

Ottawa was the final stop for Giant Hand’s mini tour.
I’ve seen him various times and he is definitely doing very well live.
I got a friend who hasn’t been to any of his show and she was really impressed.
She bought his CD and told me that her favorite song was Starting As People.
That his lyrics were like poems.

Buffalo played their first Ottawa show.
They were really good.
For those that don`t know its two ex-members of Black Hat Brigade.
It is hard to describe their music, its not as loud as BHB.
The first song reminded me of them but it was more indie rockish.
Also I never heard Adam sing. They had Jonathan Becker play some parts of the set.
Its was like a mix of BHB with Clues.
Hopefully the band will make an EP soon.

Kalle Mattson was good.
Mix of rock, pop and country.
Found out that they opened up for Blue Rodeo.


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