Giant Hand’s CD Release Show @ Raw Sugar Cafe

Giant Hand @ Raw Sugar Cafe
After attending the first night of Ottawa Fashion Week 2011.
I headed (more like ran) to Raw Sugar Cafe for the highly anticipated CD Release show for Ottawa’s Giant Hand.
As Giant Hand mentioned, there was double the amount of people attending than last time he did a CD Release show last year.

Mike Duguay @ Raw Sugar Cafe
The opener was Mike Duguay from Peterborough.
It was just him and the guitar.
Sang tracks about relationship and geography.
He is surely a talented musician.
David Tough joined him on two song.
A great set and hopefully next time he will have the Bear Trees to tour again.
Giant Hand @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Finally Giant Hand was up.
For the first few songs from the first album Coming Home and he was accompanied by Rolf Klausener.
Later on he sang mostly from “Starting As People” and he had an backing band.
It was the first time that I’ve seen Giant Hand have backing band.
He sounded so good with it.
Overall it was a great show Giant Hand put on for his CD Release.
Listen to Starting As People IIAnother Step Down
Check out the photos

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