Goodbye Honolulu – You and Me [Music Video]

Today the Toronto band Goodbye Honolulu dropped the music video for You and Me.
The second single is taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album which comes out on October 1, 2021 via Stray Dog Records.
This time they go back to the indie garage rock sound which gets you rocking out.

About the track:
‘You and Me’ shows a decidedly different side to the band from their last single ‘Over and Over’, a track with a strong 70’s disco undercurrent weaving into the band’s garage rock sensibilities.
This variety of sound is a signature of the multi-faceted outfit’s approach to making music, which comes from a truly collaborative writing process.

Goodbye Honolulu don’t have one frontman; Goodbye Honolulu have four individual songwriters and three frontmen who each bring a different quality and sound to the band. Combining their passion for 60’s garage rock, 80’s new wave, punk & electronic music, Goodbye Honolulu have created a collection of songs that never stick to one sound.

You and Me gets:

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