Grimes – Visions [Review]

2012 will be a big year for Claire Boucher who records under the name “Grimes“.

This past week Grimes drops her much hyped new album “Visions”.
Apparently the initial drop date was slotted for January 31st on Arbutus Records but was pushed back to February 21st after news broke that she signed to 4AD.

If you aren’t familiar with Grimes then you may not know that she is a Montreal musician with an amalgam of styles that is perhaps best described as very indie electronica dance pop.
Grimes @ Mission Santa Cruz
Visions has 13 tracks that will your ears (and mind) away with the sound of fun and poppy electronica.
This is dance music that can unite the club kids with the hipsters.
Think of Grimes as channelling Enya with soothing ambient sounds coated with layers of techno and a high octave vocal range that you would expect from Mariah Carey instead of the diminutive Ms. Boucher.

Considering that her earlier albums ‘Halfaxa’ and ‘Geidi Primes’ were very experimental, ‘Visions’ is, in my opinion, her most accessible album to date with its catchy beats and easy to sing along lyrics.
Grimes @ Mavericks
The first track features an 80s new wave sound and then goes right into the next cut ‘Genesis’ (which I remember hearing live and couldn’t help but dance to).
The fourth track ‘Eight’ is very sci-fi and suggests an electro Doctor Who reference of the Tardis.
For my tastes, the standout track is ‘Be A Body (侘寂)’ which totally sounds like something from Montreal`s Blue Hawaii with its dreamy hypnotic beats.
I consider this track to be Grimes’ answer to `Loving Yourself` (Not a song title for those wondering. Was trying to be subtle).
The addition of Doldrums who helped out on ‘Colour of Moonlight’ was a great bonus. Mark my words, he’s going hit it big later this year.

Overall I am really impressed with Visions.
One of the best of 2012 (so far).

Best Tracks:

I’d give Visions 10/10.
Check out the interview from July 27, 2011.
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