Halo Maud – Pesnopo​ï​ka EP [Streaming]

The first time I heard and saw Paris, France musician Halo Maud was in 2017.
Today she dropped an surprise EP called Pesnopo​ï​ka via Heavenly Recordings.
Four tracks of dreamy alterna-pop French and English music.

About the EP from Halo Maud:
“I am very happy to be sharing my new song Pesnopoïka, accompanied by a video and a bouquet of three additional tracks. I’ve been interested in Bulgarian traditional music for years now. While doing some research on the subject I came across the word pesnopoïka, which I thought sounded beautifully and strangely familiar. I learned that in traditional weddings the vocal part of the music is almost exclusively performed by the women in groups. Except during the most festive moments when a particularly good singer is recognized as pesnopoïka and sings solo accompanied by musicians.

Pesnopoïka is clearly a declaration of love. But I did not want to write a desperate love song, not a woman longing for an absent man. I wanted it to be risky and organic, with a touch of humor. Pesnopoïka is a dance in circles around the feeling of love. Musically, it is a song which assembles several of my obsessions; a long harmonic cycle, an unleashed guitar solo recorded in one take, an acapella section, a rhythm you can dance to. My voice is either isolated, or duplicated, in two or in a multitude, until being a choir of pesnopoïka. She is / I am a split personality somehow, playing with the point of you. She is / I am the voice which asks to be followed, which tells a story, but which never says who she is. She is / I am the pesnopoïka, singing for a traveling lover, and dancing in circles. The vision is blurred, the images overlap, she is / I am in a trance.

The Pesnopoïka video is both an homage to Bulgarian folklore and a blurred portrait of the mysterious pesnopoïka. I was finally able to go to Bulgaria in June 2022, during a series of festive ceremonies celebrating the rose Damascena they are traditionally cultivating. These ceremonies have been beautifully captured by Adrien Selbert, who I had already worked with on the short film Taking Flight in 2021. This time we wanted to focus on the texture of the video, for it to be like a moving painting; the colors melting, the dresses whirling and the dance patterns leading to a visual trance.”

Pesnopo​ï​ka EP gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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