Media Preview for Anthony Tremmaglia’s Hard to Find

Attended the media and private art collector’s preview for Anthony Tremmaglia‘s Hard to Find at OAG‘s Annex Gallery.
Influenced by observations he has taken from nature and through a process of deconstruction and manipulation, he removes their base essentials.
What’s left are these grand biomorphic sculptural images that similarly hold human-like qualities. The artist’s meticulous use of light and texture are astonishing, you are immediately convinced that they are photographs or collages. You feel forced to try to identify familiar forms, to find something recognizable in them in order to understand their meaning. Instead, the works are elusive. These fused images are a whole, nearly suggesting consciousness. Weightless and isolated, these large-scale paintings become monuments; reinventing the space they occupy while allowing you to be encompassed and moved by their presence.
The public opening is on January 10, 2019.
The exhibition runs until February 17, 2019.

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