Heaven For Real, Cheryl Hann and Steve’s Job [August 10, 2017]

First Crush Promotion did a wonderful job on getting this show on August 10, 2017.
Performing were Heaven For Real, Cheryl Hann and Steve’s Job (FKA Sally Ride and no site yet from the band)

Heaven For Real
It’s been a year that Heaven For Real has played in Ottawa. Call it their late Ottawa LP release for Kill Your Memory which is on Mint Records. Enjoyed their alternative lo-fi pop music! Also they are on their month long tour which they will be heading to Japan on the last week. Cool for them!!
Cheryl Hann
Cheryl Hann who plays in Heaven For Real, provided some comedy in between the sets. Very funny stuff is all I can say.

Steve's Job
Starting off the set was Ottawa’s Steve’s Job. Mentioned that it was their third show in 2017. Great indie garage rock pop music.

More photos to be seen on here.

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