Jordan Peterson @ National Gallery of Canada

I was curious to check out the talk at the National Gallery of Canada for this talk called “Exploring the psychology of creativity” with controversial University of Toronto’s Jordan Peterson.
He has been making the news due his argue against political correctness on campus and said he should not be required to use gender-neutral pronouns.
Amidst all controversy, the lecture hall was literally packed with people.
There was an introduction from the staff mentioning due to the nature of the situation surrounding him, he try to ensure the audience not to anything crazy.
Joined on stage with Marc Mayer who was moderating and asking him questions.
It was a decent talk and there was no spectacle or insanity like someone bum rushing the stage and giving a piece of his own mind.
With that, I almost wanted to go to sleep.
There was no Q&A after the talk ended which would have been exciting to see and hear.
I heard the gallery recorded this and you can judge what you think about it.

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