Joshua Van Tassel – Eternal Turtle [Listen]

An artist that would be featured on KEXP‘s Pacific Notions.
Joshua Van Tassel released Eternal Turtle which is the second single from the forthcoming LP called Dance Music Volume II: More Songs For Slow Motion out on September 11, 2020 via Backward Music.
Very soothing and emotional tracks that will leave feeling emotional.

About the song:
‘Eternal Turtle’ was the first piece I recorded for Dance Music Volume II, and features only the Ondea.
I had gotten the instrument about two months prior, and had been practicing every day, very slowly, and trying to play in tune.
It’s very similar in tuning principle to a violin, where the slightest finger turn can cause the note you’re playing to be sharp or flat.
I had started to experiment with more effects pedals as well, and created the ambience you hear at the very beginning of the track almost by accident with a Chase Bliss MOOD pedal,” Van Tassel tells Headphone Commute. “For some reason, the sound immediately made me think of a giant, slow, and very old turtle moving slowly through and even older forest.
I improvised the main line that runs through out the piece thinking about how this creature would move, then layered everything else immediately after. Compared to the other pieces on the album which in some cases took weeks, this one came out in one sitting and was the first time I felt like I had touched on the sound of the album I wanted to make. It was a lovely gift from a turtle I hope to thank in person someday.

Eternal Turtle gets:

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