Julianna Riolino – Lone Ranger [Music Video]

Today the Toronto based musician Julianna Riolino who plays in Daniel Romano’s The Outfit is branching out on her own with the music video Long Ranger.
The leading single is taken from Julianna’s debut album called All Blue which comes out on September 15, 2022 via You’ve Changed Records.
A cool retro country-esque rock vibe track.

About the track:
The first single, “Lone Ranger” perfectly encapsulates Riolino’s ability to reenvision the warmest strands of musical sepia and put her own individualist stamp on them.
“I’m a lone ranger in this lonely world,” she repeats, Thomas Hammerton’s honky-tonk piano romping over the rippling rhythm and buzzsaw guitar.
The song’s urgent independence plays throughout the record, Riolino for better and worse taking sole ownership of her place.

Lone Ranger gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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